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Our Classes

We offer two categories of classes: aerial and dance or floor-based.

Aerial Classes
Want to fly in Eau Claire? Come to our air-based acrobatic dance classes. 


Aerial hammock, or sling, is a loop of fabric. A good class for beginners!  

You will be introduced to being upside down and standing in the loop, wraps, shapes and acrobatic maneuvers sequenced together all while building strength. 

A woman smirking at the camera while posing in an aerial hammock

Fabric split into two pieces is used in silks to wrap, suspend, drop, swing, and spiral one's body into and out of various positions.

You will try climbs, inversions, poses, and tricks. 

A woman pointing her toes while suspended in the air in aerial silks

Lyra, or aerial hoop, is a circular steel apparatus suspended from the ceiling.

You will learn how to enter the hoop from below, balance, poses and tricks inside and above the hoop, sometimes while spinning. 

A woman gazing at the camera while posing in an aerial hoop in a black dress
Pole Dance

A stainless steel, vertical, spinning, and empowering dance partner. Explore classic, slinky, or fitness movement in pole. 

You will become familiar with walks, spins, floorwork, tricks, and climbs. 

A person flipping long red hair over their shoulder wearing heels and holding on to a pole
Chair Dance

Acro--chair or

chair-ography is a type of dance the combines acrobatics and burlesque energy with a chair.  Beginner friendly!

You will learn the basics of burlesque movement and the fundamentals of acro-chair dance. 

A Moonrise instructor poses on top of a folding chair in the sunshine and fanning themselves with a fan

A freestanding, spinning pole with a lyra on top. 

You will explore of new shapes and transitions while combining artistry of pole and lyra. 

A person in lyra part of a lyra pole in a flat or horizontal body position

A class with aerial and floor based exercises and drills. Focused on alignment and safety.

Designed to build strength and flexibility to meet your aerial and fitness goals.

A student inverted while on the aerial silks at Moonrise Aerials
Aerial Yoga/Stretch

A low impact, adaptable class focusing on flexibility using the hammocks.  A good class for beginners.

You'll build comfort and confidence in yourself and your ability to grow as an aerialist.

IMG_1707 (1).HEIC

Dance and Floor Classes
Want to stay on the ground? Join us in our land-based classes.

Cabaret Dance

Beautiful, sexy choreography woven with elements of jazz dance, belly dance, ballet, and burlesque.

You'll learn easy to follow routines that will get you out of your head and having fun!

A woman in a belly dance costume dancing with her arms over her head
Heels Dance

Walk, dance, and pose in heels of any height! 

You become more comfortable dancing in heels and feel sexy and empowered.

A woman posing wearing heels and one leg popped open to the side
Fly Fusion

A group improvisational belly dance style that is flirty and funky. 

You will learn the foundational vocabulary and core belly dance moves and combinations. 

Hoop Dance

Flowing with a hula hoop while doing tricks and optical illusions.  

You will learn waist hooping (yes, everyone can do it with a weighted hoop!) and off-the-body hooping tricks and combos. 

A performer holding a bright green hoop in from her body
Roller Skating

A combination of rhythm and artistic skating.  Definitely dancing on skates! 

You will try forward and backward skating, learn how balance and fall, and advanced dances combos.


Juggling involves throwing and catching any number of props to produce a visually appealing pattern.

You will learn to make toss juggling patterns through utilizing gravity and learned muscle memory while becoming familiar with proper form and practice techniques.

image3 (1)_edited.jpg
Stretch & Soundbath

A low impact class focusing on flexibility. Includes a meditative experience while listening to singing sound bowls. 

You'll relax with gentle, slow, stretchy poses to open up, improve mobility, and practice breathing.

IMG_1695 (1).HEIC
Veil Fans

Dance and flow with veil fans, a silky, flow arts prop.  

You will master basic movements and bite sized choreography combos.

A woman holding two pastel purple and blue silk veil fans in front of her body
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